An Elusive Glance

“Anything can look normal at first glance.”

Seoul — Dongdaemun Design Plaza, FILM

Where living is designed.

Mikio Urasaki — The Uncertain Self

Where collage and a sensitive eye make chimeras.

Dali — The madman we all wish we were

What a genius he was, though.

Visual from Adelaide self-portrait video cover of Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar”

ADELAIDE’s Video Release + Interview

New self-portrait cover of Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar”

5 great films (giraffe inside)

As we’ve found, great films can break apart the mundanity of normal life.

Tokyo Art Scene — Mihoko Ogaki’s Threshold

In which I discover ni-chome’s Ken Nakahashi Gallery.

Illustration & Design 2017

A view into their vernissage.


“We’ve been over this,” I snapped my fingers a couple of times. “Hello? You listening?”

Boards of Canada – Campfire Headphase

Boards of Canada’s dream-soaked, extra-dimensional classic.

A moving photograph of the Jacques-Cartier bridge being illuminated for Montreal 375th anniversary.

Jacques-Cartier — 375e de Montréal

Le pont Jacques-Cartier nous a tous éblouis pour célébrer le 375e de Montréal.

The Death of the Moth – Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf’s classic essay lamenting a moth stuck between window panes.

Meghan Howland — Colourful Fantasies

A selection of artworks.



Art Lounge MTL — SPECTRUM est un endroit où des artistes montréalais s’inspirent de la culture du skate pour créer des univers différents.


Discover the photographer who’ll wake you go WOWTHEFUCK — Benoit Paillé

Art Battle® Mtl

Art Battle® Mtl organise un événement au cours duquel des artistes s’affrontent au pinceau au Matahari Loft.

Annuel 2017 : Design Graphique – UQÀM

Entrée libre du 4 au 13 mai 2017, de midi à 18h

Rothschild Surrealist Ball

We are entirely aware that this is not news. Even so, we would like to present the Rothschild Surrealist Party.

Forest Swords’ latest single – Panic

Discover Forest Swords’ latest single – Panic

the word palindromes in black repeated all over a red gradient background

Rocco’s palindromes

A palindrome poem reads the same way backward as it does forward, with a short bridge in the middle connecting the two parts.

A bunch of fat characters falling illustrated by Jeremy Pilote Byrne for Rocco Bambace's story 'Serves Me Right'.

Serves Me Right

Eureka, he has something: “You should be exercising. It all starts with your body, you know.”

A composition of illustrations and photos where birds are flying over the city of Dubrovnik.

Cats, birds, and Dubrovnik

Poubelle is an outdoor cat we’ve come to feed twice a day.

Le faucon

FR – Le bercement de sa route devint plus chaotique, mais rien n’arrêta le faucon.


My Wifebot, Serenum, is everything I need in a woman, and more.

In the Café Slavia She Spoke of Grace

I can hear her tone in the calculated curves of her pen strokes.

Interview with Sutu Eats Flies

It’s this combination of VR and AR working together to create a seamless overlay of the whole city.

The Forever Youth

Tree remains but its shadow shifts.

On the People You Meet

You see, there were strands of lavender in a row of glasses along the windowsill


The world goes black as I adjust the lenses over my eyes.

Interview with Jizeeru

From coloured pencils to fur to acrylic, this young designer is bound to give you serious style envy.