Interview with Jizeeru

Conducted by – Jeremy Pilote Byrne

Jizeeru is a brand being built by an incredibly talented Indonesian fashion designer. The mind behind this project has a delightfully child-like approach to experimenting with garments—challenging our preconceptions of clothing and style. I’ve had the chance to catch up with her to know more about her latest projects since first meeting her in Japan, where she studies fashion design, in early 2016.

After seeing your designs first hand at Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Tokyo last spring, I knew I needed to keeps tabs on your future creations. Simply put: I was amazed by your designs. What inspires you when working on a new project?

Story. My creations should tell stories but also have function. The story of a piece can be from my present life or from my past experiences or from a dream I’ve seen from the future. I love going to bookstores and looking at children’s storybooks. Children’s storybooks tell stories, give visuals, and have messages to teach. Sometimes, that’s all I need to begin.

Has your move to Japan changed your way of thinking about fashion?

Yes. Coming to Japan helped me understand a lot more about fashion thank I knew before. All the experiences I have lived while in Japan have helped me grow and have helped me be more creative. My work has been inspired by my workplace, Japan. In my home country the designs, the styling and the materials I used were different. I will always adore Japan’s style, creativity, and culture. However, when I came to Japan and studied more, I realized that my designs were also very different from what Japanese designer’s created. I have my own aesthetic but yes living here changed my way of thinking about fashion in some bizarre way.

From what I could see on your personal instagram (@gisela_jizeeru) your designs have been travelling the world quite a bit. Has this impacted your vision of the path your career will take?

I’m very lucky that people like and understand my vision and aesthetic through my work. I am also lucky to know many amazing people who’ve inspired me and helped me until now. Those opportunities make me realize what I’m good at and encourage me to do more. I love fashion and art. I can’t imagine myself working in a different field. Recently i got chance to work as a stylist with an international team present all over the world. This gives me new experiences and more knowledge about fashion. I don’t know where future will take me. No matter what I do in the future, I will try to create something cool.

You’ve shown collections on runways many times. What does it feel like to see your creations walk past all those critical eyes sitting each side of the catwalk?

I always work hard and do everything with heart. I have to love my work more than everything. I have to trust my gut, listen to advice, and ask someone else’s helpful opinion when I need. I believe success will follow after hard work. When you love, have confidence, and are proud of your work, what other people think doesn’t matter anymore.

The princess has been brought into modernity with your eccentric and playful jewelry. How has the ability to use an almost infinite amount of materials inspire your designs?

It opens my eyes and allows me to see more. There will always be something new, something else to discover. You can say I’m like a child. Being playful and curious like a kid is what I am. I play with everything near me and sometimes I get inspire from it. And also do lots of research!!!

Take my latest jewelry collection made from cut colour pencils and acrylic. I collaborated with my best friend and great jewelry designer, Larasati ( @mothjewellery ). We played with pencils and arranged it into wearable jewelry. Looking back, I think we just fed off of each other’s energy and just had fun.

How much thought do you put into choosing different materials? How has your entourage inspired your vision of fashion?

I play with everything. I sew, glue, paint, and destroy materials I have and find. I try many different techniques also. If it will turns out ugly I won’t be discouraged. I’ll start anew until I get what I want. Sometimes I have to give up and move on to new materials but I always focus on goals. No matter how bad it is just finish it. It will improve over time by trial and error.

What are your plans for the future? Have you set your sights on other horizons?

My first goal, of course, is to build fashion empire. Along the way there will be many turns and different opportunities that I can’t discard. Like my new work as a stylist now. It is very thrilling and there is so much more to learn. I would love to move to other cities and countries and work on new and different projects! Visiting new places and meeting new people always gives me enormous inspiration. I would welcome any collaboration to do interesting projects. Contact me if you want to work together!

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