Boards of Canada – Campfire Headphase

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As with any instrumental album, you can make your own story out of Boards of Canada’s “The Campfire Headphase”. Though with this one your story won’t likely make any sense. This is just the way Boards of Canada likes it – at least, that’s what we like to think. The mythological duo don’t tend to provide input as guides for the listening experience, but they do here:

“We usually imagine our music to have a visual element while we’re writing it, so we were picturing this character losing his mind at the campfire and compressing weeks of events into a few hours, in that time-stretching way that acid fucks with your perception.”

– Michael Sandison

When the album isn’t messing around with song structure it plays things safe with abstract soundscapes and downtempo drums. “Safe” for Boards of Canada equates roughly to “DMT-soaked sound collage”. ‘Davyan Cowboy’ and ‘Chromakey Dreamcoat’ are our highlights. The album is enjoyable around a campfire or not, on acid or not, in Canada or anywhere else. Unparalleled driving or walking music, for sure.

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