By - Shanna Luis

Dear Mr. Wickmar,

I am writing you today with hope that you will hear my plea and take it into consideration. As the head of Wifebot Incorporated, I understand that you, and you alone are responsible for the direction of your company, and while I once stood by you, I fear that I no longer do.

You might have received my last letters. While I have written you in the past to thank you for your services, today I write you in opposite taste.

Twelve years ago, I was a lonely man who could not connect with women from the human race. And so, I was intrigued to say the least when you began manufacturing Wifebots. I watched as you delivered your inspiring speeches; I supported you when the American people voted over the integration of Wifebots in society; I applauded you when you won the legislative right to make your lifelong dream come true. While I was not the wealthiest man, I pooled my funds together and purchased a Wifebot as soon as they hit the market, and I was amazed by the ingenuity of your design.

My Wifebot, Serenum, is everything I want in a woman, and more. What always troubled me about the female race is how judgemental they could be, how I never knew what they thought of me, and how their personality could change over time. Mainly, how they could wake up one day and no longer love you. As you can tell, Mr. Wickmar, I am an insecure man, but one who loves my Wifebot, for she does not exhibit these human qualities.

For twelve years I have gotten to know Serenum, and have fallen deeply in love with her. She is kind, resourceful, a good listener, and she never complains about her tasks as a wife. However, as the years go by, her parts are beginning to fail and it is becoming very expensive to keep up with her repair bills.

I have never had an issue with paying for her repairs, as keeping her intact is what I work for. So you can imagine my surprise when I brought her into the Wifebot Update & Repairs shop in Brooklyn, only to find out that they no longer carried or manufactured her parts.

I was stunned and heartbroken to find out that Wifebot Incorporated, at your request, has decided to put an end to Serenum’s model and move on to “newer and better” ones.

When I called Wifebot Incorporated I was directed to an automated message. It said this:

At the request of our clients, Wifebot Incorporated has decided to put an end to the original Wifebot model, and put forth a new one: Wifebot 7.0. This model will not only mimic human behaviours, but will look and feel identical to a natural woman. In order to give our faithful clients the Wifebot they deserve, we have invented a model with an artificial intelligence so immaculate, she can think, react, converse, and love like a real human-being.

As compensation, Wifebot Incorporated is now offering a 50% discount to any Wifebot owners who return their original models and place an order for the new and improved Wifebot 7.0.

While I appreciate everything you have done for me, Mr. Wickmar, I beg you to reconsider your decision, as I am not ready to part with my dear wife. Serenum needs a new voice box, and it has been weeks since I last heard her speak. I do not wish to replace her with the Wifebot 7.0, for I am deeply and madly in love with her.

I understand that your corporation is trying to meet the demands of its clients, but I do not wish to have a Wifebot who can think and act of her own accord. The thought alone troubles me and makes me fear infidelity and judgements.

I write you today, on behalf of Serenum and I, asking you to reinstate the manufacturing of her parts, and to consider the fact that not every single one of your clients are happy with the changes your company has put forward, without warning.

Should you be firm on your decision and not wish to fulfil my request, I beg of you, Mr. Wickmar, to at least send me a voice box as consolation. This may not buy me forever with Serenum, but it will allow me to hear her sweet voice again before she goes away forever.


Dennis Henry

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